A Newb’s Guide to the LEET’s Galaxy
Not Just a Series of Tubes


Here is the link to a new site I have for my videos on youtube. I will continue to update this aswell, but come here if you want to see my videos:



I feel as if I’m updating for no one, since no one is actively visiting my blog. I guess I’m doing it to still make myself beleive people were waiting for me to update the blog. But, anyways, I’m back, and I haven’t fully turned my back on NG. I didn’t mean to not update, but, now I’m back!


You can tell that someone can’t swear, and is a noob, when they swear too much in one sentence.


How can someone say Rap is just another form of poetry? How can women like Rap, when they are being called Hoes while listening to something they love? Are they just crazy masakists? Keep reading and we’ll keeping asking ourselves the same questions.

It’s not just Fallout Boy that I hate, it’s also rap. I liked it in the 80-90’s, but now it’s just annoying. They constantly use the N word and I hate what they call women.

And what’s with these white pasty “gangstas”. They continue to make fun of these white trash gangs, but they just stole it from the Italians and the greasers. Whatever happened to the Happy Days gangs? Now they’re just rapper wanabe’s that constantly have “gang bangs”.

Gang Bangs? What happened to the good old fashioned beatings? Now, “gangstas” are too sissy to use their fists, (or are too stupid to use the “Guns” that God gave them) and use guns to do their devious biddings.

Also, what’s up with the new term “guns” that people use when referring to their arms?

Well, I’m already getting too off topic, so, I might as well stop.


Why does everyone call Greenday punk? Just because bands wear make up, doesn’t make them punk. And what’s with the new fad, where people call emo bands punk? My Chemical Romance is punk, I don’t think so. By calling emos punk, is a common contradiction. Whenever I ask my friends how Greenday is punk, they always say, “genres change.” Well, when I hear metal thrashing through one of Mozarts songs, then I’ll beleive you.
Speaking of metal, when did Black Sabbath and Deep Purple become metal. First off, the term metal wasn’t created when bands like Black Sabbath and Deep Purple were around. You can’t go back and call bands like those metal.


If you listen to rock music nowadays, no guitarist has come to the level of Jimmy Page or Jimi Hendrix. Also, no band has come close to Led Zeppelin or Nirvana or The Who. Bands like NickleBack don’t have a prayer when compared to U2. Well, NickleBack is really bad anyways but it just prooves my point. If you look at the most famous bands nowadays like My Chemical Romance or Greenday, and then you look at The Jimi Hendrix Experience, there is no chance in hell that they will ever get an inch close to their standard. It appears that no one will ever be at the level of Led Zeppelin anytime soon. Rock and Roll is slowly dying, and there is no one out there to stop it.


-You do not know what youtube is
-You don’t know what Smosh or what Ask a Ninja is
-You are having trouble doing things that alot of people can do on websites
-Make posts that are you get flamed for and get prooven wrong because you are not yet a regular on the website
-Think the PS3 or the XBOX 360 is better than the nintendo wii but have not yet played it
-Think that Macs get as much popups as PCs


-You agree with and beleive what deludedsonykid says about the PS3 or any sony product
-You enjoyed watching This is on Newgrounds by sluckyoubutt becasue you thought it was a great video
-You go on eBaumsworld
-You think Eric Bauman is really good looking
-You watch anything on E! besides The Soup and like it
-You watch American Idol and listen to the album American Idiot by Greenday and think they are a Punk Rock band
-Have a boyfriend or girlfriend at age ten and think you’re an adult and brag about it but have not even kissed yet
-If you like Queen
-If you like My Chemical Romance


(this probably won’t be the first tip in the book but)

Just don’t do it, and if you have too for some odd reason like some kiddnapped you and either you pick your nose or you die, don’t wipe it on like a couch or something that alot of people will be using alot (unless for sweet sweet revenge like wiping it on your older sister’s face). So just don’t do it.


This blog site is the basis for a book A Newb’s Guide to the LEET’s Galaxy. The Idea for the book was made by me and I called upon my brother David (or you may know him as Shagge, or tehdavr) for help. More upgrades will be coming not-soon and hopefully a new site. This website however is not only where some of the tips in the book will appear but where anyone can just blog about anthing. Now remember, the book will be for mostly newbs or noobs and will have no use for anyone besides some stupid idiot who wants to buy it and point out the typos and crap like that. But if you want to insist on being an idiot and do that, fine with me, because this site is open to flaming just for me and my brother. Be nice to the newbs and don’t be an idiot. Also, hatemail is fine with me, email me at NOPIDAM@aol.com. More will come so.